Isotrack X series

Isotrack X

Isotrack X series advanced design provides temporary roads, work sites and staging areas where soft or boggy ground prevents safe access. Its cellular core can withstand high compressive loads (>605 psi) and the overlap and connection system creates a safe, continuous and stable work surface.

Overall Dimensions4000 x 2000 mm
ThicknessTotal 102 mm, Core 94 mm
Usable Surface Area1,8 x 3,8 m = 6, 84 m2
Weight360 kg
Transport / ShippingStandard high cube 40ft container: 52 mats Mega truck EU: 60 mats
Compressive Load Capacity: 605 psi*415 tonnes m2

Choose Isotrack X – The Premium Extreme Heavy Duty Road Mat

  • For safe temporary access, work sites and staging areas on a wide range of different ground conditions and soil types.
  • High performance over a wide temperature range (-40ᵒC to +60ᵒC) and operating conditions.
  • Prime material is chemically inert and will not rot
  • Foam fill virtually eliminates ingress of liquids in the unlikely event that the mat gets punctured during use.
  • Each mat has unique identity number.
  • Option to install RFID or GPS within special pocket located in one of the laps.
  • Robust, durable, high-performance mat.
  • Long life and recyclable at end of life.

Four3 Connector

Installation Connection / Alignment Tool

Isotrack X Corner Piece 15 °


Ramp Connection Piece

Mud Cap


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Mats required

Isotrack X
Isotrack H
Isotrack L
T Mats

Case studies

Construction Temporary Road for Pipeline Reconstruction

Installation of temporary roadway / work surface using Isotrack X mats along the pipeline route.

Trial in desert

Isotrack X mats could be installed to provide stable temporary access roads for heavy vehicles without the need for sand compaction and traditional road build using crushed stone.

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