Isotrack L series

Isotrack L

Isotrack L series is the premium lightweight man-handable, temporary access and ground protection mat with a wide range of uses including roadways and pedestrian trackways for smaller construction projects, landscape projects, and events.

Overall Dimensions2410 x 1200 mm
ThicknessTotal 20 mm, Core 12 mm
Usable Surface Area2.89 m2
Weight36 kg
Transport / ShippingStandard high cube 40’ container 560 mats, Truck standard EU 650 mats
Load Bearing CapacityIdeal for supporting lighter vehicles and equipment up to 20 tonnes on softer ground and more than 80 tonnes on firm ground*

* Load capacity is dependent on ground conditions

The Premium Lightweight Manhandable Road Mat

  • Solid, compression-moulded high performance thermoplastic material resistant to chemicals and oil and is UV protected
  • Man-handable mat – two person lift and easy handling using the hand cut-outs or hand grips
  • Fast and easy to insall using a choce of connection options.
  • Unique elongated connector hole design to enable adjustment if thermal expansion or contraction occurs.
  • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use
  • 100% recycable at end of life

2 Way Connector

4 Way Connector

Bolt Set

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Isotrack X
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Isotrack L
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Case studies

Festival in Slovakia

Panels provided a safe access and served as walkways to the event.

Pedestrian paths in the ecological park

Isotrack L mats were used because they could be installed by hand, avoiding the use of heavy machinery that would damage the plants and ground. The mats did not have any impact on the environment

All cases by industry

Frequently Asked Questions

No special equipment is required. Each mat weighs 36kg and is easily lifted and installed by two persons using the inbuilt handholds and grips. Mats stored on pallets can be lifted using a forklift.

Isotrack L is made from durable plastic that will last for many years. Isotrack L can be cleaned for re-use multiple times. Plywood sheets can rot, delaminate, and splinter providing only a short serviceable life. Isotrack L also has different surface structure designs that provide safe traction for vehicles and personnel in all weather conditions. Plywood has smooth surfaces that become slippery in wet conditions.

The mats are made from durable plastic materials and will provide many years of service on a wide range of projects. Subject to normal use, the mats can be expected to last for at least 10-years.

It is recommended that when installed, Isotrack L mats are connected to prevent separation and to provide a safe working surface for personnel and vehicles. There are different types of connector options available.

This depends on the weight of the vehicle (contact pressure) and the bearing capacity of the underlying ground. Typically, Isotrack L mats are used for pedestrian walkways and for lighter weight vehicles such as cars, vans, cherry pickers, and forklifts. The mats will flex to the ground contours.