Oilfield Drilling Rig

Project:Oilfield Drilling Rig
  • Acces to drilling site across agricultural land.
  • Avoid damage to agricultiral land
  • Requirement for alternative to using wooden mats which although low cost could not be interconnected (trip hazard) and had to be disposed of after one-years’ use.
  • Disposal of wooden mats contaminated by drillling fluids.
  • Requirement for alternative to wooden mats that were too slippery when wet.
Solution:Installation of ISOTRACK X mats and ISOTRACK H mats for temporary roadways and work areas
Customer benefits:
  • Installation of stable temporary roads and work areas
  • No damage to agricultural land, avoiding reinstatement costs.
  • Isotrack mats provided excellent traction for vehicles and safe working of project team.
  • Mats provided continous surface without trip hazards
  • Mats provide long-life solution for use on multiple sites.
  • Reduced transport costs compared to wooden mats (more sqm of Isotrack mats per truck)
  • Isotrack mats are chemically inert and easy to clean – no contamination issues