Isotrack tMAT

Isotrack  tMAT

Isotrack tMAT is the leading heavy duty, solid composite mat for temporary access and ground protection. It can be easily installed and connected using standard M16 bolts to provide roadways, work sites and staging areas and does not require any ground preparation.


Product variatons

Overall Dimensions3000 x 2000 mm
ThicknessTotal 47,5 mm, Core 38 mm
Usable Surface Area6 m2
Weight235 kg
Transport / ShippingStandard high cube 40’ container 80 mats, Truck standard EU 96 mats
Load Bearing CapacityIdeal for supporting vehicles and equipment up to more than 100 tonnes*

* Load capacity is dependent on ground conditions

The Premium Solid Heavy Duty Road Mat

  • One piece compression-moulded, high-performance recycled thermoplastic material resistant to chemicals and oil and is UV protected
  • Can be used on a wide range of different ground conditions and soil types to prevent vehicles and site personnel getting bogged down.
  • Safe movement and access for vehicles, equipment, and people.
  • Prevent severe rutting and damage – avoid ground reinstatement cost.
  • Mat’s gently flex with ground contour – no ground preparation required.
  • Flexible but tough and durable mat for long life use.
  • Cannot puncture and take on water or contaminants.
  • Easy to clean after use.
  • Low theft risk compared to aluminium and steel mats.
  • Sustainable – made from material that is 100% recyclable at end of life

Metal Connector

Bolt Set

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Mats required

Isotrack X
Isotrack H
Isotrack L
T Mats

Case studies

COP23: UN Climate Change Conference 2017

Isotrack tMats were installed to provide temporary roadways and working areas to enable heavy vehicle access and prevent damage to the ground.

Transport of harvested timber

Road mats were used on temporary unpaved forest roads. Road mats were laid on the ground (peat) without preparation and backfilling with sand.

All cases by industry

Frequently asked questions

Yes, because each mat weighs 300kg. It can be lifted and installed using different types of equipment including hooks and chains, lifting straps, tele-handlers, forklifts, or vacuum lift. Equipment must be rated and certified for the loads being handled.

The mats are made from durable plastic materials and will provide many years of service on a wide range of projects. Some Isotrack H customers are still using mats that are more than 12-years old.

It is recommended that when installed, Isotrack H mats are connected to prevent separation during use and to provide a safe working surface for personnel and vehicles. Isotrack H uses steel connection straps that are secured using M16 bolts.

This depends on the weight of the vehicle (contact pressure) and the bearing capacity of the underlying ground. Being of solid construction, Isotrack H mats will flex to the ground contours. They are designed for heavy duty applications using vehicles and equipment such as mobile cranes, excavators, and tipper trucks.